Wireless Troubleshooting & Analysis  

Even the most sophisticated WiFi deployments suffer from performance, reliability, and security issues. Built-in Wireless LAN infrastructure provides a first line of analysis and defense for these problems.

But not all WiFi deployment are identical, even with the same WLAN vendor. Placement of Access Points, density of coverage, quantity of client mobile and IoT devices connecting to the WLAN, nearby interference are just some of the many things that can cause issues. More times than not, we find Access Points deployed without having a wireless survey performed to identify interference such as concrete, steel, nearby antennas, and many other sources of interference. Additionally, many times access points are deployed in locations more based on convenience of mounting and aesthetics versus performance, reliability and security. All of this is incorporated in to our AirShield sensors, intended to automate the 24/7 monitoring of performance, reliability and security of WLAN and other RF (radio frequency) and IoT deployments post-deployment.

AirShield cloud sensors for wireless troubleshooting: 

  • 24/7 independent and automated monitoring of WLAN and broader RF deployments
  • Recording of activity to allow DVR-like capabilities to go back in time at the point of the problem, rather than troubleshooting issues manually and post-mortem
  • Remote Troubleshooting – no need for costly on-site consultants with spectrum analyzers to assess remote problems, it’s built-in to our product
  • Great for manufacturing, stadiums/events, universities, hospital campuses, airports, hotels, casinos, and more.
  • Easy to deploy – our sensors do not need to be plugged into your  network, but rather communicate to our Cloud via an installed LTE Cellular modem or Internet-available Ethernet connection. Just plug it in and go!
  • Cloud architecture eliminates the need to deploy costly management appliances and their care and feeding
  • A simple login to our cloud allows an administrator visibility into all of their remote locations, viewing and analysis of logged activity, and on-demand analysis including a built-in spectrum analyzer that extends far beyond just WiFi
  • Automated alerts of interference and performance issues is native to our system
  • Professional Services and Monitoring Services can optionally compliment this for urgent or isolated issues, rapidly and using a programmatic methodology through years of experience assisting customers