Professional Services

802 Secure’s suite of Professional Services offer a broad variety of options customized to the needs of each customer. Through a scoping effort, 802 Secure designs a services offering to meet and exceed the customer’s goals.

IoT/Wireless Security Assessment and Exploitation
* Review of RF-emitting systems searching for exploitable conditions

Radio Security, Quality and Coverage Analysis
* On-premise review of IoT, 802.11 Wi-Fi, LMR, BDA, DAS or other radio systems
* Identify risks and threats to radio systems

Wireless Forensics
* Post-mortem analysis of a location for wireless threats and exploits
* Non-liturgical and sub-contract services only

Deployment, Operations, Monitoring and Management
* Review, build or enhance existing Wireless infrastructure
* 802 Secure AirShield™ product deployment
* 802 Secure AirDecoy™ product deployment
* 24/7 Ongoing Discovery, Health, and Security Monitoring