Drone Detection

Most organizations are completely unaware of drones flying near or around their facilities. Drones are capable of circumventing traditional physical security controls including fences, security cameras, and physical security guards meant to keep unauthorized individuals and vehicles out of the facility. This presents a new risk as these drones commonly include video and audio capabilities allowing unauthorized surveillance and intelligence gathering. Furthermore, new advanced drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can even drop payloads into a secure facility including surveillance bugs, explosives, and deadly pathogens.

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Prior to 802 Secure’s AirShield drone surveillance, all of these organizations had no indication of this activity. Following their AirShield deployment, the organizations now have visibility into drone activity. AirShield detects RF emitted from these drones and alerts on nearby drones by providing location, time, brand, device fingerprint, and if it has been previously seen at other facilities. This is helpful in determining if the activity is reoccurring or if it’s the same nefarious device or a different one. AirShield also brings together a broader forensic fingerprint and historical audit trail by recording other nearby RF emitting devices. If it’s a short-range drone, AirShield will detect nearby smart vehicles, smartphones, and other wireless devices that can be tied back to the individual, thus providing a far broader forensic picture during the incident. By providing “visibility into the invisible”, 802 Secure AirShield identifies not only IoT risks on your network, but IoT risks not on your network.