AirDecoy, A Deceptive Wireless Network.

AirDecoy™ IoT and wireless deceptive networking monitors the RF spectrum including a/b/g/n/ac. If a breach of policy occurs or a wireless vulnerability is being exploited AirDecoy™ can lure suspicious traffic to a virtual decoy network in the 802 Secure cloud for further wireless threat intelligence gathering.

Most attackers will follow a path with the least amount of resistance and attempt to find active credentials, documents and other information that can be used to increase their knowledge. AirDecoy™ IoT and wireless deceptive networking provides a honeynet design giving the attacker an area to investigate before they attempt to breach your network, leaving behind their Tools, Techniques and Practices (TTP) in our threat intelligence database. With unlimited capacity, AirDecoy™ smart sensors can easily be deployed and activated via cloud provisioning or moved from location to location if needed without losing data. Each AirDecoy™ sends its location to the cloud, providing insight to live attacks and triangulation. This virtual decoy is connected to the 802 Secure cloud, not the enterprise network, providing limited risk to an organization.