802 Secure will be participating in the AT&T Summit 2018 Conference in Dallas, TX Sept. 25-28, 2018. The AT&T Summit this year will focus on “endpoints and applications to SDN innovation, infrastructure and architecture to 5G and beyond – all with a focus on cybersecurity.”
802 Secure will be highlighting it’s AirShield™ cyber security product which provides IoT wireless security, wireless performance and security monitoring, and RF Surveillance for drones and rogue cell towers. Interested attendees can visit Booth 1302 to learn more and view a live demo.
802 Secure’s AirShield™ provides:
  • IoT, Wireless and RF Surveillance Asset and Threat Discovery
  • IoT, Wireless and RF Surveillance Security Posture Monitoring
  • IoT, Wireless and RF Attack Detection
  • Deceptive Networking
  • IoT, Wireless and RF Surveillance threat and attack protection
For more information, please contact 802 Secure, Inc. at info@802secure.com or by visiting our website at www.802secure.com.