Providing visibility into the invisible

Protecting your network from wireless IoT security risks and threats


  A passive and autonomous cloud solution for discovering, assessing, detecting, and fortifying IoT Risks and Threats  

Get proactive about your wireless and IoT Security

Detect IoT risks and threats before a breach


The award-winning, 802 Secure AirShield™ Cloud provides comprehensive real-time visibility into both wireless network and IoT (Internet of Things) security threats through proactive passive and autonomous network monitoring.

IoT Adoption

Organizations are adopting Wi-Fi and IoT enabled business processes and technologies that promise great gains in productivity and results. However, organizations lack visibility into the multitude of new IoT operating systems, protocols, and frequencies; leading to a new Critical Path to Exposure™ for adversaries.


As organizations face these new risks and threats, 802 Secure brings visibility to invisible wireless IoT devices and networks with a solution that requires no network access and zero integration. Within minutes of deployment, wireless and IoT assets are identified and categorized, misconfigurations are enumerated, and rogue devices and attacks are identified; thereby providing actionable results with without all of the static of unrelated wireless devices.

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The Internet of (Invisible) Things

Whether you embrace it or not, IoT devices are infiltrating your organization. Many of these devices are not plugged into the network, but rather connected wirelessly directly through your WiFi or connected through other wireless devices via a...